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Shoe Repairs

Shoe Repair | Recap heels | Broken Shoe Straps | Tauranga | Mt Maunganui


Minuteman has been repairing shoes in the Bay for 37 years now  with the same owner, offering a top quality job and a quick turnaround time for your loved shoes.

We take pride in restoring your favourite shoes or boots back to their former beauty, so bring in those old favourites and we will do our best to fix them, soles and heels with rubber replaced better than the original!

Professional and experienced Cobblers. The shoe repair and alteration services available at Minuteman are:

  • Recap stiletto heels
  • All glueing with new glue technology
  • Broken straps or buckles repaired
  • Boots too tight or loose? We can stretch them or contract them for you
  • Worn or separated soles repaired
  • Stitching and velcro jobs done
  • Shoes  painted and recoloured
  • Shoes resoled with long lasting product
  • Broken heels repaired and re-attached
  • Handbag repairs, including new zips
  • Zips in handbags and boots repaired or replaced
  • Innersoles
  • Fix that squeaking or clicking shoe
  • Tramping, motorbike and motocross boot repairs and soles

Using the latest technology to repair your shoes

While some shoes and boots need to be repaired in a traditional way, more modern shoes will require new technology in order to be fixed properly.
Blending a range of technologies and the best equipment allows us to achieve great results, no matter what part of your shoe or bag requires fixing.

Bring your shoes in store and we will provide the best solution and products, and give you the quote for the repair in advance.

Shoe Repair | Resize Shoes | Broken Shoe Soles | Tauranga | Mt Maunganui